Have you see this?

Behemoth Monsanto-waiting for Trump to bless the merger with Bayer-says it is waiting for cannabis to be legalized by the U.S. Government so that it can begin working on GMO marijuana.Monsanto has recently created the first GMO strain of marijuana. Twenty-six states have laws-plus DC-have laws permitting the use of medical marijuana.Monsanto did not just fall off the turnip wagon.There are $ in their eyes.Economic research shows that the marijuana biz will top $40bn over the next 5-10 years and up to $100 bn when legalized!Monsanto and company know the drill.Once demand heats up-who is going to supply the demand? Capitalism is alive and well as big producers will have the seeds and land to produce the plant.The GMO seeds will be road ready.The big opportunity is that the “franken” seeds will not be the same as the potency as the good old fashioned natural seeds and large scale operations will be the norm as the small scale farmers that nurtured this industry fall to the sideline.As Winston Churchill said”when going through hell,keep going”-stay tuned!
Research help from:newsmax.com,truth-out.org.


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