Common in our parts…

Henbit-Lamium amplexicaule-is a winter annual that is showing it’s stuff at this time of year.It’s purple top dots the landscape in rich ag fields,hillsides,gardens,waste places(my fave),and my yard.Henbit is an early favorite of honeybees for nectar as the plant does not last that long as the season heats up. Henbit is often called Dead Nettle but is different in that the flower has no stalk of it’s own.As seen in the below pic,the weed can grow.It reproduces by seeds as each plant has 2000 seeds.While the weed can be a bother as it sprouts up where it is not wanted-classic definition-it is basically easy to control. Henbit can be used as erosion control in some parts of the land.As with many weeds that hold down our planet,they can be eaten.According to, henbit can be eaten fresh or used as a tea.Oh by the way-the name henbit comes from the idea that chickens liked to eat them back when they ran around the farm.




pics by td-thanks to for help.thanks for stopping by-td






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