Three for Thursday…


wild poppy-I bought three boxes of wild flower seeds at the dollar store this spring and sowed them in tim’s weed patch just for fun.The best $3 I have ever spent.


Prickly wild lettuce-Lactuca serriola-is also known as wild lettuce,opium lettuce,China lettuce-is a native to Eurasia and has wide distribution in the U.S. and Canada.It grows .6-2.1 m(2-7ft)  and blooms mid-summer to fall(this weed has not bloomed yet). The plant has a distinctive line of spines on it’s leaves and when it is broken open a milky sap comes out.The sap contains “lactucarium” which is used in medicine for it’s anodyne,digestive, diuertetic and narcotic properties. It is stated that it is more like “feeble” opium. Also some bees and worms are known to frequent the weed along with pigs and chickens for those who are on the farm.One last benefit from wild lettuce is that the leaves can be eaten but are bitter.As always be careful in your usage.Thanks to for that info,


Tickseed or Coreopsis is a cheerful flower with it’s bright yellow flower that blooms late spring to late summer. This plant is easy to care for,multiplies well, a nice cut flower, and tolerates dry soil. What a great plant!

All pics by td from tim’s weed patch.  Happy 4th of July!


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