I like the story…


Chicory-Cichorium intybus-aka Blue Sailors.You all have seen this plant grace the summer time landscape filling in everywhere-roadsides,waste places.This weed is a survivor with it’s long tap root able to survive droughts. As many weeds it has had beneficial uses to humans. The best example is it’s use as a coffee substitute. In addition it graces our environment by it’s flower as it opens up in the morning sun and closes soon after. Now the story, A  sailor and his wife lived by the sea.The wife would always wait for the beloved return of her husband.As fate would have it in one voyage, the sailor died in a storm. Unaware of the misfortune, the wife waited for her sailor to return. She waited so long that the gods transferred her into a blue flower(chicory) so she could wait along the road for her husband forever.

pic by td-story from the odysseyonline.com and help from”Suburban Wildflowers”-Headstrom.Thanks!


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