This plant dots the landscape…

I see this plant around town usually at the side of the street, along the city trail,or just recently a patch of it where probably not many frequent(believe it or not it is not a waste place). As my mission continues I had to know it’s name.After several visits to a patch of it I had a match. It is Birdsfoot trefoil-Lotus corniculatus- the flower looks like a birdsfoot. Well maybe with a little imagination! A native of Europe, it has sporadic distribution in the U.S. where it is used as a pasture legume and as erosion control. It forms a dense mat where it can choke out other vegetation and is considered invasive. It basically reseeds itself and does produce a sunny picture no matter where it grows.



pics by td-note on the above pic-I frequent this little area several times a year and this patch was not there last year! This stuff can grow. Happy Monday!


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