Thoreau for your Tuesday…

P.M.-Skate to Pantry Brook.

I was not aware til I came out how pleasant a day it was. It was very cold this morning, and I have been putting on wood in vain to warm my chamber, and to lo!I come forth, and am surprised to find it warm and pleasant. There is very little wind, here under Fair Heaven especially. I begin to dream of summer even. I take off my mittens.

To make a perfect winter day like this, you must have a clear. sprinkling air, with a sheen from the snow, sufficient cold, little or no wind; and the warmth must come directly from the sun. It must not be a thawing warmth. The tension of nature must nit be relaxed.

Journal-Feb, 12, 1854



thanks for reading tim’s weed patch-hey who knew Thoreau was a skater!


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