Weed issues…

Neighbors in Cornwall, GB are in a “row” over the invasive weed Japanese knotweed. Rosemary Line has been taken to court by Adam and Eleanor Smith in a dispute over the plant with each side blaming the other for the invasion. The Smith’s say the weed has reduced the value of their home by 10%. Mrs. Line say she has tried everything-even burning-in the last 15 years to eradicate the weed. The World Conservation Union list Japanese knotweed as one of the worst invasive weeds. The plant gobbles up everything in it’s way, concrete included. The invader can grow 3.6m(12′) a month in the growing season! As of Feb 8,2018, the Smith’s successfully sued Mts. Line. She has five years to eradicate the weed and pay fines.


thanks to https://www.express.co.uk/



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