Everyone knows this one…

Leaves of three, let them be…


Poison ivy-Toxicodendron radicans.

Leaves: alternate compound leaves(of 3), 5-10 cm(2-4 in), pointed tips, turns reddish in fall, growing as a vine-pic here-shrub, or bush. Note the vine can  be 18m(60′) long. The pic here was a vine at least 9m. The  chemical that causes the grief is urushiol.

Blooms/Flowers: now thru early summer, yellow/green, replaced with a fruit called a drupe(similar to stone fruit-peaches).

Habitat:east of the Rockies, parts of Canada, dry woodlands,thickets,meadows, all types of soil.

Faunal: bees, caterpillars, birds-they spread most of the seeds.

Note: a complicated plant at best-difficult to identify if not paying attention since it grows in a variety of ways. Good protection advised. I have read you can get poison ivy just by inhaling the smoke of a tree that has been cut down that had the vine growing on it!

135px-Poison_ivy_vine note this is an example of the vine growing on the tree-unfortunately I did not get the pic-pic is from Wikipedia.



top pic by td-thanks for reading tim’s weed patch today!










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