A necessary weed…

Common milkweed:

Science: Asclepias syriaca, 150 species. .6-1.8m tall(2-6′), perennial

Bloom: early to mid summer, fragrant, produces a milky sap

Flowers: clusters that are pink to purple

Habitat: prairies, lake shores, thickets, pastures, roadsides, disturbed areas with wide distribution in the U.S.

Faunal: food for many insects-bees, flies,butterflies. The caterpillar of the monarch butterfly feed on the foliage of the plant-used as a host-exclusively. In other words they can not survive with out the milkweed and then they need the plant to lay their eggs.



thanks to the following for research:



pic by td-thanks for reading tim’s weed patch today!




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