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tim’s weed patch. It’s been a rough summer here at the weed patch. A few words on my inactivity. Foremost I would say it was my job-store closings and finding a new store. That is behind me now. Secondly I don’t feel I have been learning much in the way of plant science. I see the same old weeds. To get off the trail can be hazardous- tramping thru a farmers field to look for palmer amaranth is not a good idea. Of course my mission is “what is that weed” and still is and will continue to be so. I not long ago visited what I call a “heap” at the edge of a very nice park here in town- kinda strange but only I can love a heap. I have commented before on this area as it has been full of organic matter and is full of plants. Namely a sprawling morning glory- just beautiful!. See what happened was that the city cut down this area earlier this spring. Guess what, the plant life came thriving back. I thought it would be my inspiration to keep my mission in check and me as well. I did not do anything. Today I am doing something. As we move into Fall the weeds are slowly going into pod stage or dying . There is still time to observe and my main man-Thoreau-is my mentor on observations. So  I just needed some motivation by talking to my readers. Thanks for listening and reading tim’s weed patch!



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In wildness is the preservation of the world-Thoreau.


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