Seeing stars…

Name: Asters(genus), Asteraceae(family), 180 species in N.A. , largest family of plants in the northern latitudes. New England Aster is  popular.

Bloom: late summer to first frost, star shape(aster means star), yellow disks surrounded by blue, white, pink leaves.

Leaves: alternate, see above

Habitat: woodlands, roadsides, meadows, wet areas

Faunal: larvae of caterpillars, bees, birds, some mammals

Asters are from a very large family

Asters are a member of a very large family-1620 genera and 23,600 species.


pic by td(barely got this pic-there was a hard freeze last night).

thanks to

also thanks to “Suburban Wildflowers”-Richard Headstrom.

as always thanks for reading tim’s weed patch!



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