More Pods=More Beauty…


Only a plant guy could love a pod like that.The pods here are from a Queen Anne’s Lace-Daucus carota- plant holding down a ‘waste area”.The flowers are flat topped that resemble lace in a flat umbel.QAL bloom late spring til fall.The weed grows about 1+m with feathery leaves much the same as your garden carrots.In addition to waste places,QAL holds down fields.meadows,roadsides,the usual handouts.You have seen them all over I know.Notice how the flower head curls up in the pod stage.These plants can make nice arrangements with both fresh and dried flowers/pods.So many pods,so little time.Thanks for reading.Pic by td-help from!


More pods…

The pods-weeds final beauty-are the container for the seeds so they can grow more weeds.Just basic science here.In the spotlight is the cat-tail-Typha angustifolia-that blooms May-July growing up to 5′ tall(1.5m).The yellow male spikes are separated  by short gaps from the green female spikes.Also the leaves are long and blade like.You will find the cat-tails in marshes,shallow water,ditches,where ever the earth needs some anchor.The cattails been used by our colonists and our Native Indians and have used for food.The list goes on for it’s benefits.The pods should be picked as soon as the pollen bloom disappears and clean tip remains.As with many pods they can be crafted into nice arrangements.


pic by td-Help from “Pods”-Embertson and “Roadside plants and Flowers”-Edsall.

Pods-the fall shapes of nature’s containers…

Common Milkweed-Asclepias syriaca-is a perennial plant that blooms June-August and grows 2-5 ft. tall.The flowers are rose-pink with ball-shaped clusters and the leaves are oval with rounded tips.As the norm, milkweed is found in roadsides,fields,gravelly soil(new description I learned).While the study here are the pods-recent history has seen a decline in milkweed that has been in tandem with the decline of the monarch butterfly.To continue, milkweed can be seen in various stages of beauty as the seasons progress.The pods are fairly large with warty-I like this-exteriors and develop a parachute of seeds.Cool arrangements can be created from milkweeds using stems or no stems.


milkweed-wreathpics above-td;;thanks to “Pods wildflowers and weeds in their final beauty”-Jane Embertson.

A million seeds in a lifetime!…

Pampas grass-Cortaderia selloana-is a large perennial grass native to S.A.that can reach 10′ tall and 6′ wide.In late summer the tall white plumes make a statement towering above the foliage.Pampas grass is not fussy where it grows,surviving both wet areas and dry areas.It is used to help control erosion and is versatile in coastal areas.The plant can be found in different species used as an ornamental and is prized for being used in arrangements.I found this plant in a waste place just a swingin’!

wpid-wp-1445200028659.jpegwpid-wp-1445200058904.jpegpic by td


More final beauty…

Weeds in their final beauty is the result of the plant producing pods-vessels that contain the seeds.The beauty here is Common Mullein-Verbascun thapsus-Briefly it blooms June-Sept. growing 2-6 ft. is found in poor soil,roadsides,disturbed areas-my fave.This weed has been watched by me for 2 years-start to finish.The plant stand in contrast to it’s environment.It’s massive nature would create a beautiful arrangement.


4248304_origpics above-td,arrangement

Pods…Weeds in their final beauty…

As we know pods house the seeds for future growth.The pod in study is from the plant Pampus grass-cortadera selloana.This plant grows in a small marsh area in a very nice residential  part of town.I guess I have not really paid that much attention to what it really looked like in the “growing” season-my bad.But it now has really got my attention since I have been observing” weeds in their final beauty”.I now see this plant in yards that I really did not put 2 and 2 together.It was introduced as an ornamental in Europe,NA,Aus.It grows very tall-3m- and in tussocks(in clumps).the leaves are long and slender  with sharp edges.The dried plant is used in arrangements.Just another weed holding down the planet.


Pods-Weeds in their final beauty…

As we remember the pods house the seeds for future distribution.As Jane Embertson in her book “Pods” says the pods are as beautiful as the flower.The weed in study today is the Cat-tail-Typha angustifolia-or narrow-leaved cat-tail.Sometimes the cat-tail is seen as a nuisance in ditches and marsh areas but in the Richard Mabey train of  thought they are holding  down the ditch!Furthermore, muskrats like the roots and the leaves can be used for thatching.They bloom May-July with the male spikes being yellow and the female are can see the plant 2-5 feet tall or more and are found throughout the world.

The pods-mid July-August-need to be picked as soon as the the pollen bloom disappears and a clean tip remains.One note-the Common Cat-tail is usually to big for most arrangements.Also if you makes an arrangement one will need to spray the plant as they are apt to burst.One of the pics show where they have exploded I am guessing due to the colder weather-anyone with info on this feel free to comment.



pic from-sweetwaterstyle

Weeds in their final beauty…

What a send off on a stellar year for weed growth.With better than average rainfall in my neck of the woods-Illinois-plant growth has been high.Next up for the pod study are goldenrods-Solidago canadensis-they bloom July-Sept. growing 1-5 ft. tall.The flowers are golden yellow in plumelike clusters with lance shaped leaves.Mostly the goldenrod is found in meadows,clearings, and roadways.  .If you want to make arrangements  pick the blooms as soon as they appear and hang to dry.Pick them later in September for dried  fuzzy tops and in Oct.-Nov. for strawflowers.The goldenrod can be used in a lot of ways from colonial to contemporary.On a personal note this plant  transforms from a yellow bloom in summer to white in no time at all almost making it look like a different plant.See my post on 091014 for more info.Thanks in advance for the visit.



Thanks to Jane Embertson-“Pods…wildflowers and weeds in their final beauty”. and for the pic.