Wildflower Sunday…

One of my favorite little flowers-I have a lot I know-is the wild geranium(Geranium maculatum).This pretty little plant/flower has 5 rounded pink to lavender flowers with 3-7 leaves that are deeply lobed.It is basically a shade plant growing .3-.8 m(1-2.5 ft.) that blooms now till early summer.The wild geranium spreads by rhizomes  and becomes bushy.While this plant is in tim’s weed patch 1.0, you can find it in flood planes,woodland areas,and meadows.Bees-where you can find them-and moths like them along with deer and chipmunks.Wild geraniums are just a welcome site each spring!


pic by td-thanks to illinoiswildflower.info for help-thanks for the stop!Happy Sunday.




More final beauty…

I like Goldenrods-Solidago spp.-because they brighten up the late summer/early fall setting when the landscape is needing color.Another quality I like is how they transform their appearance as they mature into the pod stage.They look like another species.As we have learned the pods contain the seeds for the future and transform into the plant’s final beauty.Goldenrods flower July-September while growing up to 5′(1.5m) tall with golden plumes and lance shaped leaves.We can find goldenrods in all the weed hangouts:meadows,clearings,roadsides,trails.The English grow them in their gardens.If you want the pods for crafts,pick them as soon as the blooms appear to dry them.In September they will get fuzzy and later they become seedless.


pic by td-help from Jane Emberton’s “Pods”-thanks.


The best $ I ever spent…

The mixed summer seeds were only 4 paks for a dollar earlier this summer at the-you guessed it-‘dollar store”.I like to get multiple packs of seeds to plant just to see what turns up-it’s that wildness thing I learned from H.D.T.Well this morning I was going down the steps to have coffee under my canopy-the locust tree-when I saw this beautiful little flower strutting her stuff in the morning sun.It made my day!I have no idea what it’s species is called but I really don’t care.Sometimes I think  we try to over analyze every thing-just enjoy the day!


pic by td- feel free to identify!Emerson said the Earth laughs in flowers.

My favorite summer flower…

I am breaking ranks here and switching it up.I know it is not a weed but I love planting this flower every summer-Cosmos(Asteracea fanily).This flower is native to Mexico-known as Mexican aster-as scrubs and meadows where most species occur as well as U.S.It can be seen in Central and South America.This will include 20 species.This family includes sunflowers,daisies,and asters.I like to plant the seeds in a pot and let it go.It is just a cheerful little flower and I love the name.It just recently started to bloom.


pic by td(the purple flower)-nice lookin’ pine trees as well.