More Pods=More Beauty…


Only a plant guy could love a pod like that.The pods here are from a Queen Anne’s Lace-Daucus carota- plant holding down a ‘waste area”.The flowers are flat topped that resemble lace in a flat umbel.QAL bloom late spring til fall.The weed grows about 1+m with feathery leaves much the same as your garden carrots.In addition to waste places,QAL holds down fields.meadows,roadsides,the usual handouts.You have seen them all over I know.Notice how the flower head curls up in the pod stage.These plants can make nice arrangements with both fresh and dried flowers/pods.So many pods,so little time.Thanks for reading.Pic by td-help from!


More final beauty…

I like Goldenrods-Solidago spp.-because they brighten up the late summer/early fall setting when the landscape is needing color.Another quality I like is how they transform their appearance as they mature into the pod stage.They look like another species.As we have learned the pods contain the seeds for the future and transform into the plant’s final beauty.Goldenrods flower July-September while growing up to 5′(1.5m) tall with golden plumes and lance shaped leaves.We can find goldenrods in all the weed hangouts:meadows,clearings,roadsides,trails.The English grow them in their gardens.If you want the pods for crafts,pick them as soon as the blooms appear to dry them.In September they will get fuzzy and later they become seedless.


pic by td-help from Jane Emberton’s “Pods”-thanks.


More pods…

The pods-weeds final beauty-are the container for the seeds so they can grow more weeds.Just basic science here.In the spotlight is the cat-tail-Typha angustifolia-that blooms May-July growing up to 5′ tall(1.5m).The yellow male spikes are separated ┬áby short gaps from the green female spikes.Also the leaves are long and blade like.You will find the cat-tails in marshes,shallow water,ditches,where ever the earth needs some anchor.The cattails been used by our colonists and our Native Indians and have used for food.The list goes on for it’s benefits.The pods should be picked as soon as the pollen bloom disappears and clean tip remains.As with many pods they can be crafted into nice arrangements.


pic by td-Help from “Pods”-Embertson and “Roadside plants and Flowers”-Edsall.

Final beauty…

The final beauty of weeds and wildflowers lies in their pods-seed containers for the plants.In short the the pod has a beauty of it’s own.The pods in the pic are from honey vine mikweeds-Cynanchym laeve.Now the basics.The plant blooms from June -September with white vase shaped flowers.The leaves are heart shaped that tide along a twining vine that will go all over if you let it.Honeyvine-also called Bluevine-is found in ag fields,thickets,disturbed areas,my back yard.The pods are usually paired and green,growing 3″-6″ long with brown seeds.What I really love about this plant is the aromatic smell it produces-a source of beauty by itself.


pic by td-I should of left them on the plant for a better illustration-research from thanks to Jane Embertson for her book:”Pods-Wildflowers and Weeds in Their final Beauty”.I love this book!

Weedy Wednesday…


Pampas grass-Cortaderia selloana-in this pic is holding down the marsh area.You can see this plant used as decor in the neighbor’s yard.It blooms into the fall and the blooms can be cut and dried for decorations-pods.


Speaking of pods-the plants capsule of seeds-here is a pic of my honey  vine milkweed-Ampelamus albidus-is a true milkweed and a host for Monarch butterfly and a lot of bees.The plant produces a large amount of pollen and is a magnet for the bees and thus more vines.The fragrance is subtle but powerful in the summer breeze.This plant established itself last year and took off this summer.I know it can be an opportunity in ag crops but I just love this weed.It has an extensive root system and the pod s ensure more will be on the way.I saw some cool butterflies stop to visit but no Monarchs.


Easy does it here-field daisy,white weed,midsummer daisy,poverty weed-you call it and it’s yours.It is all over the place.Real fast:chrysanthemum leucanthemum L.-daisy-like flowers w/ white ray florets,native to Europe,perennial reproducing by seeds and rhizomes.Problematic in pastures and is a host for plant viruses.”He loves me,he loves me not,he loves me”

All pics by td-research from :Weeds of North America-Dickinson/Royer;Suburban Wildflowers-Heasdtrom;