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This post is a follow up to the 020916 post on Round Up… The World Health Organization has declared the herbicide-glyphosate(Round Up)-a probable carcinogen in humans.The FDA will begin testing corn,soybeans,and other foods for glyphosate.In other words it may cause cancer.Also in short, what percent ends up in our food supply?In tandem with genetically engineered seeds, the herbicide can be sprayed on the plant to kill the weeds. Monsanto claims this is safe.The Center for Biological Diversity is citing that the demise of the monarch butterfly ┬áis due to glyphosate.No shocker here-Monsanto keeps it lawyers busy.It filed a lawsuit to prevent California from adding glyphosate to it’s list of known carcinogens.Stay tuned.

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This just in…

If a robot can sweep your carpet it can pull your weeds.At a conference in Sydney Australia 60 engineers from around the world met at SyndeyU. for the first conference on agricultural robotics.The Australians have developed robots that can de-weed crops.The robots can pull out,laser it,microwave it, or spray weed killers.This can save on labor and yield as the robots eliminate weeds that can also add to harvesting costs, while adding an alternative to more chemicals .We are starting to read that manual elimination of weeds may be needed to lessen our dependence on more chemicals.Hey as a 10 year old who cut “corn out of beans”at my sister’s farm-that sounds like science fiction that will be on the horizon.The horizon is at the end of 2015.Currently estimated at $100,000-AU$ our farmers may want to see some results.Story and pic