Just beautiful…


I really don’t know where to start on this but I have been observing this morning glory for 2 years.I know I am a stalker for weeds.Is there a law against that?You say not yet.To much going on this election season-I am flyin’ under the radar!Neil Young would ┬ácall me a tree top flyer.Anyway I just love how this weed-plant,flower,you decide-struts herself.All I am saying is give Nature a chance.”In wildness is the preservation of the world.”-Thoreau.


Hey I am going “new school” here with a new pic of Thoreau!I kinda like it!-Wikipedia.The pic of the morning glory is by td from a “heap” of nature at the end of a very nice park in the city.Note-this plant is massive-“BBP”-big beautiful plant.