My thoughts on weeds…I like this alot!

“We have no choice, if we are to survive a species, to deal with the

“troubling” of weeds.But we can’t ignore their beauty either, or ignore

their exuberance, or the fact that they are the protortypes of most

of the plants that keep us alive.What we ignoe, more perilously,is that many of

them may be holding the bruised parts of the planet from fallining apart.”

-“Weeds”-Richard Mabey


13 thoughts on “My thoughts on weeds…I like this alot!

  1. As an Herbalist, I love love love weeds. One should pause before removing a weed from one’s garden. Research it and find out what the plant is for. Perhaps Mother Nature is giving you a cure? Remember a weed is just a plant growing where you don’t want it to be.


  2. Hi Tim. Thanks for stopping by KCinAZ Cooks. Our Cabin Called Ironworks only has natural vegetation and yes that includes weeds. They bloom in the spring and bring the landscape to life. Weeds a indeed something to like.


  3. Me encanta tu blog, te sigo desde hace tiempo y la verdad es que mi casa a notado el cambio, por las mañanas lo dedico a recoger la casa y por las tardes dejo un hueco para organizar ropa y plancha y la verdad es que tenerlo todo recogido me da ánimos, ahora tengo mucho más tiempo para mis cosas y mis hobbeis.Muchas gracías por tu blog.


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