Thoreau for your Sunday…

For several weeks the fall has seemed far behind, spring comparatively near. Yet I cannot say that there is any positive sign yet; only we feel that we are sloping toward it. The sky has sometimes a warmth in its colors more like summer. a few birds have possibly strayed northward further than they have wintered.



Journal-Feb,19,1854.pic by td-thanks for reading tim’s weed patch today!



Thoreau for your Tuesday…

P.M.-Skate to Pantry Brook.

I was not aware til I came out how pleasant a day it was. It was very cold this morning, and I have been putting on wood in vain to warm my chamber, and to lo!I come forth, and am surprised to find it warm and pleasant. There is very little wind, here under Fair Heaven especially. I begin to dream of summer even. I take off my mittens.

To make a perfect winter day like this, you must have a clear. sprinkling air, with a sheen from the snow, sufficient cold, little or no wind; and the warmth must come directly from the sun. It must not be a thawing warmth. The tension of nature must nit be relaxed.

Journal-Feb, 12, 1854



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Patiently waiting…


My purple deadnettle-Lamium purpureum-is in fact in tim’s weed patch as we speak-now under 4′ of snow-but waiting patiently to flower in April.


Flowers: pink

Blooms: April-late spring, mint family

Leaves: considered dead, no hairs, four sided stems, edible, winter annual

Habitat: The usual places-roadsides,waste places, croplands, my weed patch

Faunal; bees like them

One can sometimes see them in early spring turning a field into a blanket of purple adding color to a yet nervous world. “We need the tonic of wildness”-Thoreau.

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Using weeds and the power of ecosystems to improve farm profitability – ABC Rural – ABC News

Using weeds and the power of ecosystems to improve farm profitability – ABC Rural – ABC News