Refresher course…

I have posted a time or two now on this weed.This plant also wants to get going with the spring weather.Henbit-Lamium amplexicaule-also called Dead Nettle or Giraffe Head(with a little imagination) fills up rich moist gardens(also my yard and more on that latter),cultivated fields, and waste places.The three common species in the U.S. hail from Europe and Asia.A member of the mint family, henbit can grow from a few inches tall to twenty four inches tall.While a member of the family it does not smell like mint.As with most or all weeds it does have now I have benefits.Henbit can be used to control erosion and can be eaten-spring salad anyone?Ok I have to confess that while some henbit does grow in my yard I do keep it in check as erosion control is not a problem at the current time.


see for recipes.