Adding even more color…

I know it is not a weed(more on that idea later) but growing in a pot on my deck-the “Cardinal Climber Vine”-Ipomoea sloreri-is a member of the morning glory family.Some seed companies call it “Cypress Vine”-I. quamoclit.It is a twinning vine with short-petioled leaves that are deep cut and have a nice red color.The vine can grow 15′ tall in it’s annual plant life and blooms mid summer into fall.An easy guess here, the bees,hummingbirds,and butterflies like them.Now the weed connection.The Cardinal Climber can be invasive in warmer climes and has “sparingly escaped from cultivation farther north”-‘Wildflowers of North America”-a Golden Field Guides book.And you all know how unruly morning glories can get!One final note-I will grow this plant on a trellis next year.Stay tuned.

wpid-wp-1443030830375.jpegnot a great pic but I took it.

research from mrbrownthunb.blogspot


There is some color left…

At least in my neck of the woods(or weed patch) the ox-eye daisy-Chrysanthemum leucanthemum-or field daisy continue to add beauty to a otherwise low color display from  my weed patch 2.0.This plant is considered by some a wildflower and others a weed.I am calling it weed only because it fits the traditional “plant out of place” definition.Ox-eye daisy gets in the pasture where it is difficult to eradicate and cows do not like it’s bitter taste.This weed comes by way of Europe and belongs to the same genus as Chrysanthemun and Shasta Daisy along with 160 other species.A long lasting flowering plant, adding beauty from May to October.Like my dandelions, the ox-eye is not a single flower but a cluster if many tiny, tubular florets-each a perfect flower.Hey now the fun stuff! Remember the “He loves me,he loves me not,he loves me” refrain?This was the flower used to establish the state of our love life.the refrain was from Goethe’s “Marguerite”and by the way-this weed is also called Marguerite.


flower by td,Goethe from Wikipedia,research from “Suburban Wildflowers”-Headstrom and “Roadside Plants and Flowers”-Edsall.

Another tall one…

Tall Sunflower-Helianthus giganteus-grows to the towering height of 10′.While the sunflower genus contains about 100 species, this one is a perennial with distribution mostly in the eastern part of the U.S.growing in wet areas,meadows,pastures.This plant was not more than 3′ from the bull thistle in the previous post and when it was not bowed over was standing as tall as the bull thistle!-must be something in the water!wpid-wp-1440964513109.jpegpic by

Something you don’t see everyday…

This flower stands out in this crowd-a weed patch.Here it is along a city bicycle path(almost the country) growing loud and proud saying hello to all it meets!The proud plant is Sweet briar-Rosa rubiginosa.It is a rose bush that grows in a dense manner to the height and width of 6-10-feet and this one was doing the same.The rose blooms May-June and is quite fragrant.It spreads by fruit eating birds and animals,escaping the simple life as a garden plant and finding it’s self along the road and pastures and bike paths in most of N.A.It was delight to see!


Thanks to; by td.