Along the roadside like the flower of gold…

Goldenrods-solidago canadensis(just for the post) number at least 125 species, mostly in NA.The book I was reading had 5 mentioned so I am guessing.The greatest concentration in the US is in the Northeast.In my travels i personally see a lot of goldenrods.They are a member of the Aster family-Asteraceae-growing 4’+ tall with the foliage that varies but mostly lanced shaped with small yellow heads and some species are bi color and even white called silverrod.As many times than not,weeds have been used by mankind.A tea called Blue Mountain Tea was brewed from the leaves-sounds good!



At home in the tall prairie or the garden…

I remember seeing this plant in my Dad’s flower beds.Spiderwort-Tradescantia sp.-has a distinctive look in the garden or prairie with it’s purple flower cluster.Flowering til mid summer spiderwort  grows  in woodlands,hillsides,moist areas.There are over 70 species  with Virginia spiderwort being the most poplar flowering May til Oct.In addition  with distribution from the eastern  tallgrass region west into Mo. The pics here are by me and are in an area that is rich in vegetation.Check for more info on food resource info.


Wild geranium-you decide…

The wild geranium-Carolina Cranesbill-total about 260 species in `the temperate areas of the world with total distribution in the U.S.These are not the geraniums you will be buying this Mother’s Day-namely the genus Pelargonium.Some are considered weeds and flowers by others.Some are woodland flowers like mine.Yes the pic here is from tim’s weed patch 1.0.I really do have a weed patch where I study weeds and flowers.The open world is tim’s weed patch 2.0.The name cranebill comes from the shape of it’s fruit.The plant grows to about two  feet tall with a hairy stem and deeply cut leaves that are five lobbed with pink or lavender flowers.In short the plant is very pretty and just a joy to view.My vote is that it is a flower-maybe a wild flower.


In wildness is the preservation of the world-Thoreau

A spring flower…

Actually “Spring Beauty”-C.virginica- is the name of first flower of the season on tim’s weed patch.It is just the prettiest small flower you will see.I sighted this little jewel at Moraine View State Park-Illinois.It is well represented there in the woodland timber.It seems like it is saying”hello” to spring after a long cold winter.Spring Beauty is a member of the Purslane family-succulents with simple leaves- with 13 species in N.A. growing from MN to TX.east to Que. and sw New Eng., GA and blooming from March till May.Every now and then I get off the weed track but in this case it was”what’s that flower?”Glad I found it!


One attraction in coming to the woods to live was that I should have leisure and opportunity to see the Spring come in-Thoreau-Walden 1854.